You May Find Solace on the Unemployment Front

24 04 2008

If you ever gotten laid-off, been unemployed, or merely struggled to find a job; then you know how it is on the Unemployment Front. Oddly enough, you’re part of an elite class, and you may just find solace here.

Briefing the Unemployment Front

One important factor to realize while out here on the Front is that this is no place for laziness. Even though no one works, the difference is they try to. Why? Because they want to, not only to make a difference, but because they’ve hit a snag in their lives, and they want to remedy that snag… the trouble is good ole’ Jobbie Job (who you’ll learn about along the way) obstructs their path.

What You May Encounter

Various notions will post on this “ever-so-dastardly-realm-of-nothingness” known as the Unemployment Front. However, there will be one bastion and one alone – how it is on the Unemployment Front itself. As you journey along the Front, you may encounter: unemployment rants, interview tips, random buffoonery, joblessness, utter despair, layoff chats, sheer outlandishness, pointlessness, boredom, preposterous Web sites, business ponders, and of course how it is on the Front… and if you stick around you will certainly get to know my closest friend and detrimental enemy “Jobbie Job“…

More Buffoonery on the Unemployment Front




One response

24 04 2008
Ernie J. Zelinski

So, What’s Wrong with Unemployment?
Whenever friends or acquaintances tell me that they have either got
fired or laid off their jobs, my response is, “Congratulations.” After
I said this to a friend who quit his job during an economic recession
not so long ago, his face lit up, before he started laughing and remarked, “You are the only one who has said this to me. Everyone else is asking me things like ‘How could you during a recession? Jobs are so hard to come by!’ or ‘How are you going to survive?’ ”

I congratulate people who have quit or lost their jobs because I know
that for creative and innovative people who want real success in their
lives, this is an opportunity for them to go on to something not only
better, but something great!

Unemployment is a time to build some real character. Being an optimist when economic times are good doesn’t count. I am now 58 years old and have been unemployed for over half my adult life. This is a good thing. Whatever you sow, you reap. If you want to make unemployment a bad thing, it becomes a bad thing. If you want to look at unemployment as a good thing, as I did, it becauses a good thing. The harvest you reap will depend upon the seeds you plant.

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